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Southern California-based Adam Watts is an award-winning solo artist and a hit-making songwriter and producer for superstar acts.  In his multi-faceted career as a singer-songwriter, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Watts’ artistic signature is one of authenticity and top-flight musicianship.

Watts’ potential has long been proven in the areas of songwriting and producing for other artists, notably via his decade-long collaboration Andy Dodd (see RED DECIBEL BIO below).

Watts’ career as a solo artist developed parallel to his work with Dodd.  While today his songs have a broader mainstream focus—though still informed by his spiritual center—Watts started out in the Contemporary Christian Music genre.  He was named a Best New Artist of 2004 by Christianity Today magazine, who wrote of his debut album, “The Noise Inside is sophisticated pop...” Of Watts’ acclaimed 2006 album Sleeping Fire, the publication drew sonic comparisons to Soundgarden, Radiohead and Coldplay, giving it a rare 5 star rating.  Noting, “a success on all counts, from the inventive songcraft and the creative articulations of faith, to the skillful musicianship and stylistic variations.” In 2010 Watts began working on a solo album, entitled “Murder Yesterday” some of which is being mixed by Grammy winning engineer Jack Joseph Puig, whom Watts worked with extensively on his previous rock project FALLBORN (now defunct).

In 2010, Watts released his third solo album MURDER YESTERDAY. The opening track, “Reckless” was written as a companion promo-piece for multi-million selling author, Cornelia Funke’s upcoming book release of the same name.  Watts also co-directed the “Reckless” music video with Daniel Chesnut.

Throughout a busy 2011 with RED DECIBEL, Watts began writing and recording songs for his fourth release, "OUT FROM THE ASHES". Watts says. "I didn't set out to write an album. I just realized I had a bunch of songs that really seemed to work together. Some them I had forgotten I'd written and recorded, but there they were. I'd stumble across them on my hard drive, give them a listen and hardly remember writing and recording them. I kinda liked that feeling. There wasn't pure in that. Either that or my memory had gotten really bad! 2011 was so busy with all these projects going on, that I would get inspired, write and record a song in a day, just to get it out, and then I'd forget it happened. 2010 was a really hard year for me with FALLBORN breaking up. I had put so much into that music and we were all really close as a band and as friends... and when it all ended, I felt lost. Like something in me died. I spent some time screenwriting to sort of lick my wounds and find a way to express myself in a new way. Which was great, but also surreal. Looking back, it feels like I was completely reinventing myself almost out of desperation. In order to move on, I felt like I had to kill the past. I had baggage. MURDER YESTERDAY came out of that period. After I finished that album. Mentally and emotionally I just put it to the side in a lot of ways. I didn't know what to do with it apart from putting it out. Now, it's 2012 and I'm experiencing a reawakening artistically and just as a person. No more lines. I'm commited to just being an artist in the most free sense possible. It's been an amazing time. Really fulfilling. Not drawing lines between my work with RED DECIBEL, my solo work, my photography, film, screenwriting, inventing, fine art, building jewelry whatever! It's all the same. It's all my life as an artist in different slices. It all comes from the same place. A place of just wanting so badly to connect, relate, communicate. To have a deep, shared experience with people through art, that's the goal. I've never been happier. Scrath that, I've never felt so alive. "OUT FROM THE ASHES" is probably more raw than anything I've put out. Raw in the sense that it's been important to me this time around, to be as direct as possible. True to the feeling. True to the thought. To get out of my own way. Going on gut instinct and trusting that."

With his own music, and in his work with other acts, Watts' driving passion for artistry and honest self-expression propels him forward.  He’s only just begun to say what’s on his mind, and his talents and momentum are unstoppable. 



RED DECIBEL is the songwriting, production and artist development team of Adam Watts Andy Dodd and Gannin Arnold. (See Below). From rock to pop, their diverse list of credits include, Switchfoot, Kelly Clarkson, Cherri Bomb, Joe Walsh, Plain White Ts, Jesse McCartney, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders, Joel Piper, The Jonas Brothers, Jeremy Camp and film projects such as The Chronicals Of Narnia Prince Caspian, Pootie Tang and Pixar's BRAVE to name a few.

For a comprehensive list of production, mixing and songwriting credits click HERE

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